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Website Standards

In an effort to unite and enhance the many different pages and subsites connected to the rice.edu domain, we have created a template for developers that provides a common,visually appealing look and consistent functionality. Our goal is to project a unified and branded presence and to guarantee that visitors to rice.edu have a quality experience. The template provides ample space for creative, customized designs and content to meet the needs and objectives of the sub-site or page while including a few required core elements. For additional guidance, please contact webeditor@rice.edu.

Layout and background
A properly branded Rice website must have a white background with a centered layout. The preferred width for this layout is 960 pixels, although 900 is acceptable.

A proper header must have the Rice University logo in the top left corner and must be linked back to rice.edu. The header includes a dark blue “top-bar” navigation with links in white. This top navigation has rounded edges on the uppermost left and right corners. The logo must be the full Rice University primary mark and must maintain proper white space on all sides. For additional details, see Page 1.02 of the Rice University Identity Standards at rice.edu/ricebrand. Combining other marks or words with the official Rice logo is not allowed.(See Page 3.01.) The image used in the header is the designer’s decision. Free and approved images of the university can be found at rice.edu/imagelibrary

Rice University websites must always present Rice’s physical mailing address on a white background at the bottom of the page.

Users are free to use accent colors as necessary, but the preferred university colors listed on this page should be the primary color elements of the page. The colors have been provided in HEX and RGB format for ease of use on the Web.

If links to secondary pages or sites will be included on the page, the design should maintain them in a consistent location throughout the site. One alternative would be to place them on the left side, as shown in this example.

  Web Layout

The following information is an addendum to the original guide posted above. ( PDF )

  Rice Web Standards Addendum