Rice University logo

Departments and ProgramsDepartments and programs

To maintain brand consistency, position all Rice department and program titles either under the Rice wordmark and school name or to the right
as shown in the vertical and horizontal examples with the Rice logo.

Whenever the Rice logo is used, a clear zone equal to the height of the owl in the shield must surround it to ensure its visibility and impact. No graphic elements of any kind should invade this

This logo should be printed four-color process or in the two Rice colors: Rice Blue (Pantone 294) and Rice Gray (Pantone 425). One-color black also is acceptable. No other color applications
can be applied.

The school name is in Helvetica Bold printed in Rice Gray (Pantone 425). The department title is in Helvetica Bold printed in Rice Blue (Pantone
294). Names and titles are to be positioned under or to the right of the wordmark.

Do not recreate the Rice logo in any form. Only official logos are approved for use. Download all official versions of the Rice logo at www.rice.edu/ricebrand.