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Academic schools, institutes and centers alternate naming guideline

An alternate format has been developed to place the acronym or abbreviated name of an academic school, institute or center to the left of the Rice logo preceded by a holding line. The acronym or name appears in Trajan Regular font equal in size to RICE, prints in Rice Gray (Pantone 425) and is positioned to the right of the holding line, a width equal to the height of the owl in the shield.

The complete name of the academic school, institute or center is placed beneath the logo in caps and lower case in either Helvetica Bold font printed in Rice gray (Pantone 425) or all caps in Trajan Bold font printed in Rice blue (Pantone 294). If needed, a secondary descriptive name can be place under the full name in Baskerville Italic font printed in Rice Gray (Pantone 425), placed flush right to the first name.

Please note that this treatment does not work well for longer names. 

For logo development assistance, contact Creative Services in the Office of Public Affairs at 713-348-6763.

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