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Rice University is committed to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with Houston's community leaders and our neighbors. To accomplish that, our staff goes out of its way to participate in community events and keep our neighbors informed about what is taking place on campus. Get the inside scoop on what's happening at Rice:         

Neighborhood News

Which events at Rice University could impact your neighborhood? Sign up for Neighborhood News to find out. Our electronic newsletter keeps you informed about campus news and developments.

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Neighborhood Parking Survey Results 

Learn how the Rice campus is working to implement parking strategies to be a Good Neighbor and Go Green. And read the results of the recent Neighborhood Parking Study. 

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At Rice, "engagement" can mean many different things. It could mean Rice's many programs of educational outreach, a natural outgrowth of the research, teaching and service of our faculty. It could refer to any of myriad beneficial research collaborations Rice maintains with institutions across the city and around the world. It could be more volunteer-based, as in the dozens of local service projects coordinated by the university's Community Involvement Center. Or it could be a hybrid of education and altruism, as in the case of the Center for Civic Leadership, established to incorporate service learning into the curriculum of the university for the benefit of both our community and our students.

As a recent survey of Rice's community engagement clearly demonstrated, the perception that Rice is or ever was an isolated ivory tower is clearly inaccurate. Great universities and great cities complement and benefit one another. At Rice, we never forget that.

Construction update

Rice University is building toward our Vision for the Second Century. Keep informed about the progress of each construction project by visiting our construction update site.

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