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Centennial Celebration Campaign 


Print Advertising

25th Anniversary of the discovery of the Buckyball

Buckyball 25th Anniversary  


100th Anniversary of Lovett Hall Cornerstone

Celebrate Rice Lovett Hall Cornerstone  

2011 Commencement

Celebrate Rice 2011 Commencement  


Class of 2015 Matriculation

Celebrate Rice Class of 2015  


UnConvention Ad

UnConvention Ad  

Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration  



Kennedy "Because they are hard" PSA

Rice Kennedy PSA  2011 Worldfest Logo 

This public service announcement featuring President John F. Kennedy’s "Go to the Moon" speech delivered in Rice Stadium was chosen by the Wall Street Journal as “one of the best examples” of college ads. Selected from 112 college ads, the panel recognized the spot for “Best Historical Footage."


"For Nearly 100 Years" PSA

Rice Nearly 100 Years PSA  2012 Worldfest REMI CASE logo 

Capturing nearly 100 years of Rice history in 30 seconds is not easy, but this PSA does exactly that. Starting in 1912, the camera follows a glowing timeline as it races through the Sallyport in Lovett Hall, across decades of historic images, books and artifacts, past a shuttle launch and then on to more photos of Rice's rich history before charging on to our Centennial Celebration and into the future.

Outdoor and Transit Advertising

  METRO train and station Campus banners and OOH ADDY