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The 2015 - 2016 Rice United Way Campaign


One smile and someone feels safe. One encouraging word and a child grows. One brick and a home takes shape. One outstretched hand and someone is back on their feet. Success is the work of many, but it starts with one. One voice. One word. One decision. One person who cares.

Will you be one who sees a need in our community and pledges to do something about it?

Rice University supports the United Way of Greater Houston because they invest in services that achieve impact and provide a safety net for our neighbors in need, transforming lives and creating systemic change in such key areas as education, family financial stability and quality of life for retuning veterans.
United Way is focused on:

* Developing children and youth to their full potential
* Strengthening families and neighborhoods
* Sustaining senior independence
* Supporting those who are rebuilding their lives

With our help, United Way of Greater Houston tackles the big challenges that face our community. Will you help?

One person really can change the world, one person at a time. It begins with you, and takes less than a minute.

Please make a pledge now. Thank you.



One Book.


One Visit.


One Plan.


One Step