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Graphic Design: What We Can Do


Requesting a job

Do you have an upcoming event that needs the help of our talented team of graphic designers? If so, contact us — the sooner, the better — and let's get started.

How much will it cost?

Creative Services is a resource for Rice University's entire campus. We do as much in-house writing, editing and designing as we can and do not charge for our time, only the printing and other production costs. When outside help is needed, we work with an approved list of vendors* to get the lowest price and best quality for your projects.

*Approved vendors have agreed to use Rice's style and identity guidelines to ensure the quality, consistency and impact we expect and need. If we are unable to do a project for you, we will work with your vendor to ensure they meet our design and price guidelines. 

Meeting Rice brand standards

Rice University has established a set of identity standards to ensure that the institution protects its iconic images and presents itself to its stakeholders in a high-quality, consistent and impactful way. Our identity standards tell the world that "this is Rice," a premier university that cares about its image and reputation. When you work with us, your communications product will meet the highest quality standards.
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Working with us

Are you trying to reach an audience through more than one communications tool? We work closely with our photographers, Web designers and writers to fulfill your needs. Our job is to ensure that all of your communications products have a consistent message, look and feel. Our editorial team will edit your copy to make sure it grabs your readers' attention and tells your story. We use Associated Press Stylebook guidelines* with Rice-specific modifications. Our goal is to help you produce a final product that is error-free and clearly and succinctly communicates with your target audience.

*To obtain a free online subscription to the AP Stylebook, please contact News and Media Relations at 713-348-6774.

Timing is everything

Our team is equipped to meet your communication needs in a timely manner. But with our staff taking on multiple projects, we require that our clients obtain the necessary approvals to ensure that we have adequate time to deliver your product.

What else can Creative Services do for you?