Rice University logo


graphic sizeCampaign layout

The Who Knew campaign can be utilized in a
variety of advertising vehicles.

The consistent element of the Who Knew
campaign is a flood of Rice Blue (Pantone 294).
The Who Knew graphic is used to begin each
question and is approximately twice the size of
the headline copy.

The grouping of Who Knew graphic and headline
vertical formatcopy should be flush left, ragged right and
consistently reversed out of Rice Blue (Pantone
294). If headline runs more than one line, keep line spacing open enough to prevent ascenders from running into the Who Knew graphic element. Take notice of how headlines break.

Try to use two or three words at minimum after the Who Knew graphic element on the first line, and try to prevent any short lines at the end of a headline.

Surround the perimeter of all ads with clear
space to ensure their visibility and impact. This
also sets up a format for how type and logo
should align. Vertical and horizontal examples
are shown to the right.

Color and typography

Headlines are in Helvetica Light printed in white.

Body copy is in Helvetica Light printed in Rice Gray (Pantone 425). Rice.edu is in Helvetica Bold printed in Rice Gray horizontal format(Pantone 425).