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Schools and Departments: Business CardsBusiness-Cards-Schools-Dept

Use the following guidelines when typesetting academic school and administrative department business cards.

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Recommended Paper

Neenah Paper, Classic Crest, Solar White,
Smooth, 110 lb. Cover

Recommended Copy Guidelines

Do not abbreviate titles.
Include named professorships when applicable.
Use periods in academic degrees or professional
Abbreviate “Drive,” “Street,” “Avenue,” etc. when
listed as part of a full address.
No comma before “Jr.,” “III,” etc.
No underline on websites; do not list “http://.”

School or Department Title

Helvetica LT Standard Black
7 pt. with 7.5 pt. leading
Flush Left
Gray (Pantone 425)

Employee Name and Title

Name: Helvetica LT Standard Bold
10 pt. with 9.5 pt. leading
4 pt. leading between titles
3-title maximum or 88 characters
Blue (Pantone 294)
Title: Helvetica LT Standard Light
9 pt. with 9.5 pt. leading
All text is flush left.
Gray (Pantone 425)

Department Name and Address Block

Headers and Web address: Helvetica LT
Standard Roman
6 pt. with 7 pt. leading
Blue (Pantone 294)

Contact information and address: Helvetica LT
Standard Light
6 pt. with 7 pt. leading
Gray (Pantone 425)
All text is flush left.