Rice University logo

Rice University Official Logos



The Rice logo consists of the Rice shield and the Rice primary wordmark.


While our wordmark has both a primary and secondary version, only the Rice primary wordmark can be used alongside the Rice shield.


Do not change the Rice logo or wordmark in any way. Use only the official Rice logo.


Logo Clear SpaceLogo clear space

Whenever you use the logo, it should be surrounded with clear space to ensure its visibility and impact. No graphic elements of any kind should invade this zone.


Clear space is developed from the height of the owl in the logo and is listed as "x."


Logo minimum size

Logo Minimum SizeThe height of the logo should not be less than one-half inch in any application, shown here in actual size. (A minimum height of 36 pixels.)




Primary wordmark

The primary wordmark is a unique typographic signature that displays the Rice name. It was developed from a wordmarkmodified version of the typeface Trajan. Do not alter or attempt to recreate it in any way.


When possible, the preferred manner in which to refer to the university is simply Rice