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The primary goal of Public Affairs Video Services is to create short videos reporting on special events, research developments, expert commentary and timely feature stories that can be used in Rice News, on Rice.edu, for pitches to external news and social media outlets or to support university-wide priorities. The videos are typically issued with the news release or story and posted on the Rice YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/RiceUniversity.

The videos may be used by schools, departments and other Rice units for their websites, publications and presentations. If there are questions regarding how to link to or embed a video, please contact the manager of videography (x3535) or the director of web development (x6787).

Suggesting ideas for videos 

Rice schools, departments and organizations should contact their News and Media Relations team representative to suggest ideas for videos just as they do for Rice News stories and news releases.

Other video projects 

The Public Affairs manager of videography is primarily focused on producing short, timely, news-related stories. However, there may be the ability to take on other short Rice video projects on a time-available basis. The cost for video production services is $120 per hour and includes consultation, shooting, editing and post production. Contact Public Affairs (x6280) or the manager of videography (x3535) for further information.

For multi-day projects, a series of videos or longer length projects, Public Affairs or the manager of videography can provide a list of recommended outside producers and agencies.

TV studio 

The Public Affairs' interview studio in the basement of the Allen Center is used primarily for faculty interviews with broadcast media outlets. The studio is also used for conducting faculty, staff and administration media training, recording in-house interviews to accompany Rice News stories and news releases, capturing comments by Rice experts for media pitches and other video news projects produced by the News and Media Relations team.  Public Affairs does not charge a fee to use the studio for these services but arrangements must be made well in advance. Please discuss requests to use the studio with your News and Media Relations team contact of the manager of videography (x3535).